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Goldfish Water Temperature of Aquarium?

Topic: I got a goldfish a couple of days ago and my mom thought that maybe I would need an aquarium heater for the fish. So that got me thinking I may need one. What water temperature do goldfish thrive in? Should I buy a heater for my aquarium or should I just leave the water at room temperature?

Posted by Eddie K.
I use a heater for my goldfish tank but its not completely needed. Goldfish are considered “cold water” fish in the aquarium fish community. The thrive in temperatures from 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on what climate you live in might depend on if you need a heater or not. In the state of Alaska where its cold most of the year, a heater will be needed. In a country like Brazil, a heater will not be needed with the hot tropical weather.

Posted by Don M.
When trying to figure out what size heater you need, figure on 5 watts of power needed for every 1 gallon of water. So if you have a 10 gallon tank.. you take 10 times 5 and that comes out to 50 watts is what you need. Going smaller is always better then going with too much power. A too small of heater can’t kill your fish by heating them up way too much and killing them. An oversized heater could easily do this and its somewhat common.

Posted by Megan K.
I always tell people to get a heater if they have an actual aquarium and not a small fish bowl. I think the fish thrive more in 75 degree water and in most habitats of living, a heater is needed to reach that. I’ve had super good luck using small heaters. I have a 20 gallon aquarium with a 10 gallon heater. That way I know it won’t cook my fish on accident.

Posted by Michael E.
It seems that people are giving some misguided information because wherever I look, It says that goldfish do not need heaters and it’s kind of stupid to tell a person that they do need one. That is one thing I hate about the aquarium community is that everybody thinks they know everything and I have to go preach to beginners and some of them give the wrong information out. I can tell you right now that you don’t need a heater for goldfish because they can acclimate to pretty much any water temperature all the way down to 60°F.

Reply from Don M.
I wasn’t necessarily saying that she needs to get a heater but I was just stating that if she wanted to get a heater that this is how you do it. Even though my statement may have seem like I said that she needs a heater I just simply told her how to choose one. I can say right now that I have personally had good luck without even using any heaters on all of my goldfish in the past. And I must agree about the statement that you said about aquarium people giving false information out.

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